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Current Project: Local Homeless

The team at Fort Collins IXDA has begun a local project-for-good. We hope it’s the first of many. We’re doing this because our group already has access to so many other local UX talks and other great resources—we didn’t need to re-create that. Instead, we’re going to make some rubber meet the road with an actual change project. Read more below.

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About the Project

It's Local

Homelessness exists in Northern Colorado, and we want our effort to be a beacon of light to improve our local world.


Homelessness and the world of service surrounding it has many facets. We will be exploring them all to find out where we can be the most effective.


Homelessness is a human problem with victims, volunteers, lobbyists, legislators, services, donors and carers. We’re taking a human-centered approach.

About our Team


We’re a group entirely made of local volunteers; mostly professional in the UX industry.


We’re a large group of people with day-jobs. As such, our project work is distributed & maintained asynchronously.


Our asynchronous approach enables us to crowdsource the best local minds for specific tasks.


This is how we’re approaching the project.

Phase 0: Explore

We’re currently exploring the problem by contacting local organizational representatives to understand and focus on a specific project scope.

Phase 1: Research

Once we’ve defined our scope, we’ll begin research on our topic to see where we can make the biggest impact in our local homeless community and related causes.

Phase 2: Execute

Armed with research, we will begin executing one or more solutions. These are not limited to digital, but can also be physical, social, economic or political.

Phase 3: Iterate

After solutions have been executed, we will test and refine our solutions to ensure effectiveness, maintainability and sustainability.

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